We are a dynamic, premium fit out and project management team specialising in high-end commercial and residential fit outs, bespoke joinery and innovative parametric, geometric and organic designs.

With superior design capabilities, the finest technical specialists, and a unique whole project approach, we listen to your values and express them through innovative designs and premium craftsmanship.

We thrive on projects that challenge our creativity and have the knowledge, teams and systems to complete even the most complex and large scale fit out and refurbishment projects, bringing your vision to life with precision and efficiency.


Achieving Success in Your Next Project

Achieving Success in Your Next Project

Owing to the multifaceted nature of architecture and design, incorporating a collaborative approach to your project can help to achieve better outcomes for clients.

Not only does this allow you to utilise the diverse skills of varying industry specialists, but it can also help you find clarity on the most effective way to achieve a client’s vision. With extensive experience in a range of crucial project elements, Scarchi & Boston can help to add value while fast-tracking completion by complimenting the expertise of core architects and designers with prototype modelling and extensive ECI specification.


What is the purpose of the project? Understanding the ultimate goal or function of a project is vital to ensuring that all aspects of design compliment that purpose. In addition to this, considering how people will interact with the space and how it will affect both the community and environment is also key to ensuring project elements work to achieve its intent. With sound project planning and development capabilities, our team are masters at understanding your client’s goals and devising workable solutions to help deliver complex design execution.


When it comes to holistic project planning, of course one of the primary elements to consider is the place in which it will be created. Anticipating and preparing for things such as how locational aspects will alter or define project outcomes is vital to ensuring seamless completion. With extensive experience in project scoping and planning, our team consider all locational aspects to ensure mitigation of risk and smooth progression of the project.


As is becoming exceedingly prominent, incorporating sustainable elements into project design and fabrication can impact both the performance of the structure and the impacts it has on the environment. For this reason, understanding which materials will promote structural longevity and which renewable resources can be incorporated to minimise environmental impacts has become a necessity for most projects. With a flair for creative problem solving, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of utilising sustainable materials to craft high-quality environments.


How can design help to achieve the project’s purpose? Keeping this in mind while considering how people are likely to interact with the space can help to form integral elements of design. One of the more notable iterations of this can be seen in the Apple Campus for which Steve Jobs envisioned a circular structure in order to encourage chance meetings that facilitate creativity and collaboration among staff members. Taking into consideration all aspects of colour, texture, lighting and materials, our team are experts at getting to the heart of a client’s values and vision in order to form an appropriate spatial ‘experience.’ Our expertise in this area allows us to construe and clarify technical concepts into workable and inspiring design outcomes.


Collaborating with the right people carrying the right visions can enable superior project outcomes in a seamless fashion. As the way of the future for architectural design and urbanism, collaboration with varying field specialists is becoming a necessity to achieve sound outcomes for complex architectural requirements. Through use of BIM (Building Information Model), Scarchi & Boston are able to collaborate with architects, designers, building engineers, project managers and other specialists in order to manage project information at any time during the life of a project. This allows our team to compliment the expertise of each collaborator as well as ensuring that the most appropriate solutions are always discovered and deployed.

Through taking the time to really understand a client’s values and objectives, we help to materialise each creative vision with precision and ingenuity. With core proficiencies in devising bespoke solutions to complex design challenges, collaborating with Scarchi & Boston can allow you to expedite your project while elevating both quality and creativity through seamless transparency with all project stakeholders.

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