We are a dynamic, premium fit out and project management team specialising in high-end commercial and residential fit outs, bespoke joinery and innovative parametric, geometric and organic designs.

With superior design capabilities, the finest technical specialists, and a unique whole project approach, we listen to your values and express them through innovative designs and premium craftsmanship.

We thrive on projects that challenge our creativity and have the knowledge, teams and systems to complete even the most complex and large scale fit out and refurbishment projects, bringing your vision to life with precision and efficiency.


Crafting creative visions with bespoke joinery solutions

Crafting creative visions with bespoke joinery solutions

When it comes to bespoke joinery, creative possibilities are truly limitless.

Whether creating new spaces or undergoing significant refurbishment, bespoke joinery embraces your creative vision to craft a unique, elegant and effortless environment. Enhancing aesthetics and emotional experiences, bespoke joinery also facilitates spatial maximisation whilst optimising furnishing integration and functionality to showcase the sophistication of your brand.

If your next project demands elegant or intricate design whilst boasting a superior spatial solution, have a read of our top 4 reasons integrating bespoke joinery will amplify project outcomes.


Blurring the lines between construction and art, bespoke joinery aligns spatial and functional requirements to create exclusive aesthetic experiences. Encouraging freedom of creativity and complex construction, this customisable design solution offers the world of possibilities when materialising visions for your brand and the experience of your customers. As bespoke joinery solutions are crafted from your conception, you can be sure that the design is completely and utterly yours.

At Scarchi & Boston, we are dedicated to transforming your creative vision into feasible and actionable design plans. Through superior prototyping capabilities and consultancy through design, the sky really is the limit when it comes to imagining the possibilities for your unique project.


Bespoke joinery solutions are designed to optimise space whilst staying true to your creative vision. Through meticulous planning, clever design and complex craftsmanship, this custom design solution allows maximisation of spatial constraints in a seamless and effortless manner. Whether you’re working with 5m2 or 5000m2, our experienced joiners are experts at analysing spatial constraints and creating design solutions you might never have imagined possible.


When buying through modern supply chains, it can be difficult to tell where an item was made, the materials it was made from and the kind of working conditions it was created in. As such, Scarchi & Boston have a highly experienced team of fabricators and joiners that allows us to bypass other industries, giving us the transparency to answer any question you may have about the manufacturing and quality of your product.

With immaculate precision and experienced yet innovative craftsmanship, the quality of your project will be truly unsurpassed with Scarchi & Boston.


Crafting bespoke joinery solutions requires meticulous care in order to overcome complex design and other project challenges. To ensure consistent value maximisation for our clients, Scarchi & Boston have adopted an Early Contractor Involvement model of construction to identify potential challenges and opportunities from the initial stages of each project. In doing so, our team are able to consistently minimise costs and delays whilst delivering a seamless design boasting intricate craftsmanship.

With extensive technical and trade experience, combined with superior design capabilities, the team at Scarchi & Boston are well versed at transforming ideas and concepts into workable and sophisticated spatial design outcomes.

Let’s start creating your vision! For more information or to start discussing real outcomes for your project, get in touch with our team today on (07) 5597 0051. 


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