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Q+A with Bob East

Q+A with Bob East

Having recently collaborated with tourism guru Bob East, our team took the opportunity to have a chat with him regarding collaboration through early contractor involvement and how he perceives these work models help to elevate projects within his industry.

Tourism Australia, Chief Executive Officer + Company Director of the Mantra Group and Non-Executive Director of Experience Co, Bob East has extensive experience in the tourism sector managing and overseeing large scale projects in the global arena.

How does good design help tourism?

Crafting sophisticated architectural designs helps us to form cities that tourists are not only eager to visit, but one’s where they want to spend more time exploring and subsequently spend more money enjoying its offerings. People want to immerse themselves in the rich culture of an area and good design definitely helps us to attract and retain them.

How important is ECI to achieve the right outcome in your sector?

For architectural design to be successful enough to achieve an increase in global visitors, collaboration of key stakeholders from tourism, developers, architects and builders is essential. Having the right people on board from the very beginning bringing complimentary expertise form varying fields allows us to plan for much more than the visual aspects of design.

You were very successful with Mantra group, how much of the success was due to collaborating with the right people?

Collaboration is everything. From my perspective, the success of the Mantra group has relied largely on the varying skills of each party to achieve and promote exceptional experience, functionality and aesthetic prominence within our hotels.

Do you see ECI + collaboration amongst various industry specialists as a necessity within the tourism sector?

 Absolutely. With the increasing need to uncover sound solutions to complex challenges while maintaining functional aspects of the design, ECI allows us to foresee and prepare for anything that may hinder the completion of the project while maximising experiential outcomes for our customers.

 With the inevitable challenges and risks associated with large tourism projects, do you see ECI as a risk mitigation tool?

Definitely. With the ability to gain insight from various knowledge bases, we are better protected from things that might normally have been unforeseeable or unexpected.  

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