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Q+A with David Caon

Q+A with David Caon

World-renowned designer David Caon operates with creative flair and exceptional innovation on all projects ranging from aircraft interiors and architecture to tableware, home furnishings and beyond. As a graduate of the University of South Australia and best known by his work completed for QANTAS, Dom Perignon and Samsonite, Scarchi & Boston were honoured to have collaborated with him for a recent project. We then had a chat with him to discuss his thoughts on the significance of Early Contractor Involvement and how it helps to promote better project outcomes.


How has the need for collaboration with field specialists evolved throughout your career?

We work across a great variety of project typologies, not just interior architecture. For this to be successfully completed, we now rely heavily on collaboration in order to learn from experts who are working in their specific field’s day-in-day-out.

Do you see ECI + collaboration amongst various industry specialists as a necessity in contemporary architecture and design?

For certain projects and to achieve the best results possible with minimal revisions, ECI + project collaboration is extremely beneficial. It promotes risk mitigation, budget consistency and increased ability to stick within tight timeframes.

What is the biggest advantage to interdisciplinary collaboration on architectural projects?

The ability to test ideas, fabricate prototypes and consult on details to understand the implications to the budget are the biggest advantages. It can be very helpful in ensuring money is spent in the right places.


How does ECI + collaboration help you to maximise project outcomes?

In terms of prototyping and detailing it helps me to solidify ideas and share them with clients. It’s important for clients to start to understand their projects as they develop as well as for them to be involved in the process. It helps remove a lot of the uncertainty around the construction phase.

How have project outcomes differed from times where you’ve collaborated compared with times where the project hasn’t allowed for it?

Typically, budgets are able to be more closely followed when the contractor has an initial overview of the design and therefore any variations can be decided upon prior to being incurred. Decisions can then be made with confidence.

How does collaborative technology allow for better project outcomes?

Sharing information directly between design and build teams without having to output detailed drawings just to discuss a single detail can save a lot of time. When time is a sensitive factor, this can be a massive advantage to the project.


Do you see ECI + collaboration as a risk mitigation tool?

Certainly. Having a contractor involved earlier can help drive the approach to constructing spaces and details ensuring that the essence of the design is preserved, and buildability is improved. Forecasting the budget can be done in more detail with specifics of the site in mind.

What do you think has been the biggest hindrance towards collaboration in the past?

Convincing the client of the benefit of collaboration earlier in the process is the biggest hurdle. Only a client who has experienced the benefit of having undertaken a similar process in the past will generally be supportive of it. Typically, the preference is to engage build teams at the tender phase to maximise competitive pricing.


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